5 Myths About Waxing


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Whether you wax your eyebrows or you’re a fan of full Brazilians, there are a few myths floating out there about waxing procedures of all kinds. Below is a list of five myths about waxing, plus the truth behind each myth.

Waxing makes your hair darker and thicker.

Wrong. In reality, after consistently waxing, your hair will grow back thinner and finer, allowing you to go longer between waxing appointments. The texture and color of your hair isn’t determined by how you remove your hair. [Note: Shaving doesn’t make your hair come back thicker, either. Shaving can lead to itchy stubble in some uncomfortable places, though.]

Waxing is only for women.

Wrong again! Thanks to the manscaping movement, men get waxed, too. While the chest and back are the most common areas for men to wax, eyebrows and even Brazilians are becoming more common. And hey, if women choose to have smooth skin for more intimate moments, there’s nothing wrong with men doing the same thing.

Waxing hurts like $%!!

Not gonna lie on this one. Ripping the hair out at the roots is never going to be painless. Depending on your pain tolerance, the pain from waxing varies from person to person. It can be the worst pain since natural childbirth or as mild as a slight sunburn. You can minimize the pain from waxing by taking aspirin about 30 minutes prior to your appointment or using a numbing cream. Also, avoid alcohol and caffeine before your waxing appointment as stimulants can tighten your pores, making it more painful.

Your hair needs to be really long.

The truth is that your hair needs to be longer than a two day stubble, but you don’t have to look like Rapunzel after she lost her razor, either. Body hair needs to be ¼ of an inch long, and eyebrows need to be 1/8 of an inch. Any shorter and the wax can’t grab your hair. Any longer, and you’re really going to need the numbing cream.

Waxing is the only exfoliating you need.

If you think waxing is the only time to exfoliate, think again. Yes, waxing takes away the top layer of your skin, similar to exfoliating, but it’s not a replacement for it. To keep your skin healthy, exfoliate before and after your waxing appointment. This is the best way to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. [Note: wait a couple of days after your wax before you exfoliate. This will keep you feeling smoother, longer.]

There you have it. Five myths busted about waxing. Whether you just want your eyebrows shaped up, or you want to be hairless everywhere, now you know the truth.

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