The Benefits of Body Wraps

Body wraps are all-natural, most often containing a mixture of minerals and herbs designed to draw toxins from the body, which will improve your overall health, enhance your appearance, tone and soften the skin. All while helping to rid you of those unwanted inches.

Results from a body wrap are often seen immediately. But toxins and unnecessary interstitial fluids (fluid located between the small spaces of body tissues) eventually accumulate, so regular body wraps provide long-term benefits.

To obtain the best results from all of our body wrap processes, each treatment starts with dry skin brushing to remove dead skins cells, open the pores and stimulate the sweat glands. This enables each body wrap formula to penetrate more thoroughly and effectively. Most importantly, the brushing will stimulate your circulation, which is the indirect cause of cellulite.

Power Wrap – $95 | Belly Wrap – $65

  • Mineral body wrap formula for maximum inch loss, detoxification, skin tightening and increased energy.

Aloe Vera Herbal Wrap– $75

  • This amazing Aloe Vera wrap is perfect for inch loss, detoxification and the most incredibly soft skin you can imagine. The wrap has multiple vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help to rid the body of ugly cellulite and we even apply.
  • Add a mini-facial for $30

The Infrared Body Wrap: uses radiant infrared heat. Throughout many years of infrared heat use, it has become a type of therapy with many benefits. Some benefits of infrared heat include:
Calorie, weight loss, improves cellulite, stress reduction, cellular detoxification, increase circulation by up to 3.5 times and pain relief.

  • 20min $20
  • 30min $25
  • 50min $40