Brazilian And Body Waxing Questions

What should I know about the Brazilian Waxing Service?
• Most popular & requested service.
• Full hair removal from the front, back & in between.
• We offer a complete wax and will use tweezers.
• We use Blue hard wax. Our wax is a gentle fragrance free wax that is effective in hair removal while being gentle to the skin
• You will experience soft regrowth. Unlike shaving, our waxing will not leave you with stubble a day or two later.
• If you are a shaver please allow 10 days of growth from your last shave. This will make your waxing results much better

Who should wax? 
Well, everyone of course.  No, seriously.  Most people are good candidates for waxing and experience all the benefits of hair removal through waxing.  But, because all skin and hair types are different ( your own personal DNA) not everyone can wax.

How do we know if you are a good candidate for waxing?
Well, we don’t and neither will you until you try it!

General Waxing Information
• Hair should be 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch long. No, no… don’t worry about taking out your ruler…if you can pinch the hair between your fingers, it is perfect!
• a mild pain killer such as IBUPROFEN can help physically and mentally!
• avoid tanning before waxing/ avoid tanning 48 hours after waxing
• gentle exfoliation before and done daily after a waxing service can help prevent ingrown hairs
• a bikini or brazilian wax does not hurt THAT much (despite what you may think) IF you have an experienced waxer.

Sex after waxing? 
Why not?  We won’t say no. Just clean the open follicles along the pubic bone area afterwards as to avoid irritation.

Waxing while pregnant?
Of course!  We wax many pregnant women.

Exercise after waxing?
Sure.  And, may I just say, we admire you for it ( the exercise that is) 20 mile bike ride after your first waxing appointment….well, we won’t say no, but its entirely up to you!

Does waxing hurt?
We use techniques to minimize your discomfort while at the same time promise you a great waxing service ( yes, hair is pulled from the root).

I’m taking Retinol, can I wax?
You can not be waxed if you are using Retinol products such as Renova or Retin A  You can not be waxed if you have used Accutane in the last 6 months

 What is Foliculitis?
A small percentage of women who brazilian wax for the first time may break out with tiny whitehead bumps along the bikini area.  This is known as folliculitis and can be a source of irritation and a aggravation  Folliculitis occurs in about 1% of first time brazilian/bikini waxers and is easily treated.

After waxing, the hair follicle is open for about 24-48 hours and is susceptible to anything that may cause infection, even your own skins bacteria.

Folliculitis lasts 1 to 2 days if using PFB (a product that helps prevent rash/waxing bumps & ingrown hairs).  On its own, folliculitis clears up in 5 to 6 days.

Some clients may have an allergic reaction to the wax which can cause red bumps, hives, serve irritation and even scabbing although this is rare and if occurs is usually mild. Are you one of those folks?  Well, we won’t know until you wax.

We are committed to using the best wax for all skin types, therefore we use a gentle Blue hard wax that is fragrance free.

What should I avoid after waxing?
At Skin & Nail we educate you on how to take care of your skin after waxing!  Stay out of hot tubs and swimming pools and lakes…anything that can cause bacteria to get into the open hair follicle right after waxing for 24 hours!

How does Skin & Nail Boutique keep their locations clean?
At SNB we are committed to making your waxing service clean and hygienic.  We promise:
No double dipping into the wax pot.
We will always wash our hands and put on gloves before touching your skin.
The treatment beds are Cloroxed after every service and instruments that are not disposable are sterilized with hospital grade disinfectants.

How short is too short for hair removal?
Wax can only catch on and attach to hair that is about 1/4 inch in length when it comes to waxing every area of the body…. but the face. Therefore, our commitment to you is to get every hair possible that is long enough. We will tweeze  those stubborn hairs resistant to the wax but we can not tweeze all hairs that are too short.

To get the best wax possible please allow a minimum of 10 days of hair growth from the last time you shaved.  Please know that hair grows in cycles and it can take several months of waxing to get that silky soft smoothness that we all strive for. LEGS!  Leg waxing is almost as popular as the bikini and brazilian.

Here are a few things to consider when waxing your legs.  Wax will remove hair that is 1/4 inch long or longer. Hair that is shorter and just on the surface or just below the surface of the skin can not be removed or tweezed.  Short hairs have a different “age” than the hair that is 1/4 inch or longer.  Therefore, after a leg wax it is typical (depending on your hair type and how long since you shaved) to feel prickly underneath.  This hair, in most cases, is a secondary growth cycle.  It’s best to plan in advance if you are waxing for an event!

YES, your legs will look and feel great after your first wax but they will “feel” even better after multiple waxes.  Another little tidbit, the longer you can go without shaving, the more growth cycles of hair will be at 1/4 inch or longer and the smoother your legs will feel!

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